Savelov Alexander

Born in the city of Zaporozhye in the family of Mikhail Savelova and Deryabina Zinaida Fyodorovna. Brothers: Savyolov Vasily Mikhailovich and Zadnepryanny Viktor Ivanovich, sister Svetlana Pelevin. Divorced. The father of five children, a daughter - Elena Savelova, Savelova Sofia Alexandrovna, sons - Savyolov Ilya, Savyolov Daniil, Savyolov Mikhail grandchildren - Savyolov Georgy, Savyolov Pavel.

Russian. Russian citizen.

When I went to school, I did not take any pioneers or the Young Communist League, as I was a descendant of an old noble family, the son of Prince Savelova Mikhail Vasilyevich, great-grandfather who was the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Joachim, who was crowned king of a minor Peter 1.

Mom, Deryabin Zinaida Fyodorovna, wanting to protect me from the stigma of the son of an "enemy of the people", insisted to get a passport for her name. With my mother's name, I joined the working life and soon the mine "Artem-Severnaya1" in Shakhty, Rostov region appeared an underground miner Alexander Deryabin, which soon became one of the first workers of communist labor and later awarded three marks Labor Glory Order .

Then I served in the Soviet Army in the city of Volgograd was the reserve of the disease. After the service, he worked: a carpenter in Kletskaya MK-133 Trust "Volgogradsovhozstroy." Then study - a student of the Sverdlovsk Conservatory and at the same time actor Sverdlovsk Theater of Opera and Ballet. By professii- teacher. Educated at the State Institute. Gnesin. Long- term training required to serious illness, which from the Bolshoi Theatre took a statistician for many years 4 to the hospital regime: anthracosis, silicosis, open form of tuberculosis - a sad legacy of the miners of the past, threatened to reduce the grave. Fighting the disease has turned my life, a new calling - the preventive activity physiology.

My universities were led by venerable scientists - doctors, physiologists, biochemists.

It should be noted the name of the famous scientist biochemist VV Karavaeva - The founder of the direction of improvement. My teacher did not get the recognition it deserved in life. On my recommendation, the International Academy of public progressing VV Karavayev was posthumously awarded the title of academician. The documents handed over to the family of the scientist.

At the Moscow State University was founded faculty training, which was headed by VV Caravan and I finished it, and subsequently V. Karavaev handed me the rod of teaching. The greatest scientists in the field of mathematics, physics, physiology, biology, geography, such as AP Kapitsa, taught and attended these seminars. These ideas have been applied in the State Institute for New Technologies, whose director I am.

Using his creative direction V.V.Karavaeva I seriously studied what already attained wisdom of the ages and the golden grain, the best minds of the separated, put into practice by checking their validity, developed, built its recreation area "Vivaton" analog that does not exist in the world.

Nature generously gave me kind of hard work Savelova. It kind of gave Savelova Moscow, Russian Railways, Savyelovskiy Station. Later I created a cooperative and got the license number 1 in the former USSR. Already in 1989, I headed the cooperative "Vivaton" was awarded the Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR "For the highest quality meat and dairy products."

I created the creative teams of the foremost experts of many disciplines, and occasionally directed their activities. He conducted large-scale research and testing, and only then implement their development in life. Long way from discovery to deployment, to take risks without the financial support of the state, few dared. In the former USSR, without any financial assistance, I combined, directed, searching for sources of funding, he found enthusiasts, and enthusiasts from many disciplines found me. Collective efforts of many people's business grew, moving, developing, because the main principle of my work - not divide but unite, to build.

In 90 years, Russia has realized its history, and its law-abiding citizens were able to recover their ancestral roots. First appeared Savyolov Deryabin-AM and then Savyolov AM

I wrote the two-volume "Checked not one life" and "Extend my youth" has been published in millions of copies. These books are especially necessary at the present stage of building a new Russia for the formation of a healthy person and society of the twentieth I century. For many years (until 1995), I tried to combine his work in the arts with others, have become main areas of activity in the field of preventive medicine, agriculture, education, gathered around him "Mighty Handful" of like-minded professional singing but had to leave for a while.

Friends and associates

"Vivaton" - not the fruit ripening, and the history of a serious work of the last thirty-odd years, and the hard-won fruit of Russia's own history. Together with the suffering it and the international recognition:

Domestic and international recognition and awards

Conclusive evidence of international recognition and the most important thing - recognition in their own country, are titles, awards and prizes, handed me and my associates on the use of health-system "Vivaton."

Scientific titles:

  • Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
  • Member of the International Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany);
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences;
  • Honorary Professor of the Beijing Hospital of People's Liberation Army of China's cosmetic surgery "Juan C";
  • Academician of the International Academy of Nature and Society;
  • Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after KE Tsiolkovsky;
  • Academician of Agrarian Academy "Elite";
  • Member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences;
  • Doctor of social development of the International Academy for the implementation of social development to achieve "Creation of new principles in the medical and veterinary practice";

Awards of Russia:

  • Order "The Good, the Honor and Glory of Russia";
  • Order "For Faith and Loyalty» I degree;
  • The Order of St. Alexander Nevsky II degree for outstanding service and personal contribution to the strengthening of the Russian state;
  • Order of Lomonosov;
  • Constantine Order of Saint George;
  • Order of the "Synergy" for his outstanding contribution to the development of education in Russia;


  • Gold and silver medals Lomonosov;
  • Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, "For the best quality meat and dairy products";
  • Medal "200 Years of Ministry of Internal Affairs" for a worthy contribution to the Ministry of Interior;
  • Medal "For Prace" order of the Commander of the Cossack Guard;
  • Duty and Medal of Honor "for cooperation with the General Directorate of magistrates;

Russian Award Committee:

  • Premium cross the Russian Cossacks "For Faith and Service of Russia";
  • Diploma "For participation in the revival of national culture" International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture;
  • Certificate dignity "for the recognition of outstanding merits" of the Research Center of the traditional and folk medicine of Moscow;
  • Thanks from Martha and Mary charity;

International awards:

  • International Albert Schweitzer Prize (UNESCO) for its contribution to improvement of the person;
  • Medal of the international recognition of the "Acts of the good of the peoples" ("60 years of the founding of the United Nations");
  • Grand Gold Medal of the International Congress Results of the Millennium '' for the creation of a model of a healthy way of life ";
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe Medal "for outstanding contributions to art and literature";
  • Certificate of Merit for his services in the rehabilitation of the nations (the United Nations, the European Committee for awards and prizes);
  • The title of the honored gentleman Medical Humanitarian Order of St. John of Jerusalem;
  • Large Gold Medal of the Parliament of South Korea "For the health of the nation";
  • Golden Grand Prix "Europe - 98" with a diploma "International quality";
  • The title of "Man of the Year" in nomination "For contribution to the spiritual and physical development of Belarus." Cup Nessie "Man of the Year" in nomination "For contribution to the spiritual and physical development of Belarus";
  • The title of "Man of the Year" of the US in the "biography of Wiz" in 1998 and 2005 yy .;
  • Included in the encyclopedia "Who is Who (« Who's Who ") in Russia," the Swiss international publishing house "Who is Who, Verlag fur Personenenzyklopadien AG»;
  • Rank privileged members of the International advisory Directorate American Biographical Institute;
  • International award «BEST ENTERPRISES» («The Best Enterprise") - for achieving a dynamic enterprise, with the presentation of your badge «MANAGER OF THE YEAR» («Manager of the Year");

Public authority:

  • Chairman of the Commission on Human Security and the Environment Council of Entrepreneurs under the Mayor and Government of Moscow;
  • Diploma of the Institute of Alternative Medicine of Sri Lanka;
  • Member of the Research Advisory Council of the American Biographical Institute;
  • Member of the Russian Union of Journalists;
  • A member of the Artists' Union of Russia (critic);

Under my scientific and practical guidance of highly skilled doctors work of many branches of medicine and hundreds of massage therapists and beauticians on the basis of my works are master's theses and veterinary medicine.

Selflessness is different, creative initiative, bringing to life the goals of practical implementation, sociability. With love reached me give another skill. I spend development program methodology. I give my experience. Together with the team trying led me JSC "Vivaton" their work to revive the grandeur and glory of the Fatherland. In order for our children and grandchildren to live in a better world than it is today.