Savyolov Alexander, the founder of "Vivaton" that exists in the market for over 30 years.

Our company has developed a powerful immunokorrektiruyuschy drug, which has no analogues in the world. This is confirmed by many international awards. Russian Ministry of Health, our product is included in the Russian drug registry.

All our products are manufactured on the basis of vegetable preparation "Vivaton", which in its composition corresponds to the ingredient of human blood plasma.

Today, our company produces several lines of natural cosmetics and revitalizing agents that have the highest efficiency.

A special pride is that all our products are produced without chemical preservatives that are extremely harmful to the human body.

We have children, women and men's line herbal cosmetics. In addition, the product range contains bioactive supplements, assimilation and use of which is significantly higher than those of dietary supplements that exists today in the market.

I developed the author's method of massage the face and body, which includes elements of different schools, but the main factor here is that our procedure is not stretching the skin movements and use specialized methods and techniques that are used only by our specialists.

Also, we have a private massage school at the end of it our graduates receive international certificates, which allow you to work around the world.

In our procedures we make a unique impregnation body and facial massage, which there is no analogues in the world! During impregnation of the body itself determines what amount of nutrients it needs, the extract is applied as long as the body continues to absorb it, feasting upon the necessary trace elements and neutralizing the acid accumulated in the body. Impregnation solve problems such as cellulite, varicose veins, problems with blood vessels, sciatica, low back pain, back pain of different nature, skin problems, ponizhenny immunity, relieves stress, creates the acid - base balance in the body and helps get rid of many other diseases.

In the salons "Vivaton" we do massage - facial plastic surgery and without boteksa. It made thorough work with facial muscles, there is a powerful lymphatic drainage using our exclusive vibrating massage. Due to this, our customers gain immediate rejuvenating effect (minus the approximately 10 years of age), a quarter of a reduced depth of wrinkles, fade age spots, circles and bruises under his eyes, tightened droopy cheeks, removed double chins, adjusted oval face! And this happens in one or two treatments !!!

All preparations series "Vivaton" are powerful antiviral and antibacterial agents, they are non-toxic, non-mutagenic, can be used even by pregnant women and children, and have no allergenic properties.

Recognizing that the health of any society is impossible without the production of organic foods, and the use of high-quality healthy food, we are engaged in the prevention and treatment of cattle and have achieved in this area great results!

In Tatarstan, where the program is rolled out, we've managed to dramatically improve the quality of milk and to minimize the number of somatic cells. According to this indicator, we have products that are more than three times higher than European standards! And most importantly, that this is not the milk of antibiotics!

Treatment of animals with the help of Vivaton five times more efficient and more than two times more cost effective than treatment with antibiotics.

Vivaton - is a philosophy, a way to perfection! We go this way, join you!