Massage-treatment body extract Vivaton.

The massage is performed on the author's method of academician AM Savelova-Deryabin. Duration of treatment - and a half to two hours.

This massage uses drugs Series "Vivaton": extract; jelly form: with turpentine, lavender, honey; Cream butter.

Collection of medicinal herbs "Vivaton" intensely nourishes and strengthens the muscle and connective tissue. As an alkaline solution (PH level is 7.4 - 7.5), "Vivaton" neutralizes the acids that have accumulated in the tissues as a result of stress endured by the body, a variety of overloads, and also under the influence of unfavorable ecological situation and as a result of malnutrition. Acids - it literally poison for the human body; in them the cause of our fatigue, low immunity, poor health. So, imagine: during the massage to your body "flows" around 200 milliliters "Vivaton" - a unique natural medicine. This intensive treatment significantly improves your immunity, relieves stress and strain.

Let's talk about what it means for health massage. Ideally, our muscles have elastic easily shrink and stretch. Unfortunately, the modern way of life is such that most of the muscles are not involved in the minimum of movement, which we carry out every day. Therefore, the muscles lose their elasticity: one almost atrophied, others as a result of DC sealed. Spastic muscles pinched nerves, blood vessels clamped. As a result - begin headaches, back pain and more.

Massage "Vivaton" re-teaches the muscles to work properly. Its unique methodology, which is our know-how, excludes any movement of the surface tension and friction. The impact on the muscle - only the cross; it included a special effort, not typical of everyday life. Thanks to massage the muscles become more thin and flexible, and ligaments - more mobile. Exempt vessels and improves blood flow; particularly in the cervical area immediately improves blood flow to the head. Headaches are.

Massage helps to master the substances included in the products' Vivaton. " Thanks to them and normalize metabolic processes are accelerated in the connective tissue and muscle, creates a breeding ground for their regeneration. And, as a natural consequence - do not forget, because we are in a beauty salon! - Your body is magically changed. Significantly improves the quality of the skin, it is aligned and polished.

We recommend to massage once a week.

Our intensive program is designed for relaxation and men exposed to constant nervous and mental overload at work.

The healing power of "Vivaton" always works for the good of your health.