Physical Culture

Physical labor, exercise, increase metabolism. When performing other kinds of exercise and physical activity recommended breathe mainly nose. If breathing nose becomes tedious, it is desirable to reduce the load or stop. During the training, it is desirable to maintain a relatively mild nasal breathing, pulse without interruption, wellness. We recommend to avoid a sharp increase in sweating and subsequent hypothermia (because it leads to "skukozhivaniyu" not only the skin but also the internal organs). Do not intentionally alter breathing, it is better to leave the regulation of the automatic control of the respiratory appparata. Of great importance for the man has consciously rhythm of life.

"Nothing depletes and destroys a man as long physical and mental inactivity" - this sounds like a slogan against inactivity. But the illiterate build physical activity can lead to dangerous consequences. Seriously ill should start small: slow down from the bed, slowly straightening up and getting up. Even perfectly healthy people are advised to rule: "No hassles in everyday life!"

Lovely charge - natural movements, such as cleaning the apartment. It is useful to clean the floor on all fours, as at this time, venous blood is easier to depart from the periphery. For those who work sitting or standing, it is desirable to add the gymnastic exercises. Cross-country skiing, sports activities in the open air contribute to better health, but it is necessary to avoid overheating and overcooling. In all feel the need to measure, not to violate the nature of the organism. Additional exercises, see brochure.

Physical activity, as well as at work should bring joy and longevity. Work or exercise performed formally, do not bring satisfaction, and cause emotional and mental stress and aging. If you do not like your job, do everything possible to convince yourself that you are doing very useful work for himself and the people. If it is not and you can not do it - quietly walk away from this job, do not destroy the nervous system.

We advise to remember that in the dynamics of life in abundance, and a lazy person without the dynamics of a rapidly aging, and soon dies.