Culture of water treatments

Human skin - the largest organ of it. And when in the morning we take care of the skin, it helps all of our body to wake up, cheer up, happily greet the new day. The very first step of skin care products - wiping. Wiping first back linen or canvas glove, dampened with water at room temperature fitosmesi bath "Vivaton" (alkaline). This mixture neutralizes acid on the skin, ejected during sleep. It has a positive effect on the central and autonomic nervous system and activates the body's vital functions.

People with disorders of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract is recommended to be careful with cold water, and can be particularly dangerous winter swimming. Aim for the "golden mean": if you are hot - take a cold shower if you are cold - take a hot shower or a bath with bath fitosmesi "Vivaton." The water we use for bathing has a high acidity and high content of chlorine and fitosmes neutralizes acidity due to its alkaline environment. We strongly recommend to start using fitosmesi with hot tubs for the feet and gradually move to common bath for the whole body, and people with cardiovascular disorders recommend starting with a minimum number of fitosmesi - 30 grams - for legs and body. If there are no negative feelings, you can gradually increase the number fitosmesi. By accepting these water treatments, you clean the pores of the skin from the body of toxic accumulations. Recommended often do hot foot bath with fitosmesi "Vivaton", especially before bedtime. But if you feel a great desire to drink a lot - it's good, but not before going to bed, and hence the conclusion, do the bath in the morning or afternoon.

For the recovery of the skin, and through it the whole organism useful Russian bath, as well as a Turkish bath, a bath, a shower, leading to increased perspiration and excretion through sweat toxic substances.

In Russia, there was a saying: "your feet in warm, my head out in the cold." To recommend this unique individual case-sauna. It warms the body, especially the legs, and the head does not overheat. Since the head is outside, the man at this time can watch TV, talk, but most importantly - do not overdo it, as, for example, after the usual bath overheating.

Cold and hot water treatment is preferably carried out taking into account the color of the conjunctiva of the eye.

Our skin is very beneficial respond to "power". For example, a well-feeds the skin oil "Vivaton." Recommended for special baths vegetable mixture "Vivaton." Soap, sponges it is desirable to use organic shampoo "Vivaton" good for the head and body as a whole.

Taking a shower, bath, bath, be sure to follow the breath, if the right nostril breathing hard, you're overheated. (see. The culture of breathing). To prevent overheating in the bath we recommend to wear a felt or woolen hat. The recommended temperature range for the bath - no more than 80 degrees Celsius. Do not tear the champions of the high temperatures in the steam room! These competitions are not reasonable.

Sunbathing gives very good health benefits and provide the body with energy exercises, especially if these procedures are accompanied by breathing exercises. It is recommended to use moisturizer "Vivaton" and cosmetic jelly "Vivaton" during the procedure, as well as before and after them, especially if there are all sorts of skin problems.

If you're a northerner or a pronounced pale-faced man, and your skin is not very susceptible to sunburn, in which case we recommend that the first day in the sun does not come out, but to be in the shade (under the fungus, umbrella, etc.) and breathing hot air. On the second day start taking sun bathing at sunrise, and it is very important if you are taking a sun bath in the dynamics, and if you are sunbathing, sunbathe lying no more than 10-15 minutes on each side. In this case, you gain health. Heavily tanned people get problems!

Thanks to the use of herbal medicines series "Vivaton", even with a relatively long stay in the sun, much reduced pathological exposure of the skin, and there is a pleasant feeling of well-being, and no signs of lethargy. There is a burst of energy, physical and mental vigor.