Culture of sleep

Культура сна
Everything in nature is natural. Day is day. The night has the night. Day - to work. At night - sleep. Since early summer, sunrise, sunset and later, in the summer time is required to sleep less, as the energy of the sun is compensated by this gap. In winter sleep longer because it reduces the amount of solar energy produced, and it should be compensated by increasing sleep time.

Go to bed, we recommend the relatively incomplete stomach, so we recommend dining for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime, and very modestly. In an extreme case, to avoid feeling hungry, you can take a little bit of light food. It is not recommended to fill if the right nostril breathing harder than the left, and vice versa. We recommend that you recall the biblical truth and try to go to sleep, staying in time today: the day begins at sunrise and ends at sunset it. If your lifestyle is not possible, it is advisable to go to bed even earlier.

Urban lifestyle often hinders fulfill this wish, but it is important to strive to control and early rise and an earlier bedtime. For greater certainty, repeat the saying: "The early bird catches the worm." Cover up with positive emotions - an excellent prerequisite for a healthy sleep.

If the apartment is hot, you should lie down on his back, freeing up out of bed the feet. When it's cold - lay down on his back and carefully insulate the legs and body, and his head placed on the bed so that the top is free of pillows and you could hand to pull up, above his head, as if stretched, and your breath will improve, and both nostrils zadyshat better these procedures done quickly to sleep. If you feel that the food in the stomach was split poorly - it is better to lie on his back and higher. In any case, useful to sleep on their backs.

For a quick sleep we recommend to relax the muscles and eyes closed, imagine that you are watching on the big toe of the foot as a milestone and mentally go the distance, as if merging with the universe. Many skeptics this is irony, and this is their fault. Have patience and you'll get a very good result. The second option - to read before bedtime.

When insomnia - breathe through the nostril that breathes easier as long as the nostrils will not breathe equally easy. You can take a mixture of extracts of Leonurus, mint, valerian root, eucalyptus. If insomnia persists, take a warm shower or a cold, but the main thing - to reduce and minimize the consumption of tea, coffee and other stimulating drinks in 3 or 5 hours before bedtime. A very important piece of advice: in this age of environmental problems sleeping at least 8 hours, because like a dream - a repair of your biological structures. If you sleep less, your body often does not have time to pump out the venous blood from the periphery to the center for cleaning.

Morning procedure

Waking up, imagine that you sleep well and sufficiently. Without opening his eyes, do some exercises in bed. The main exercise that will replace you with 100 exercises and gives energy for the whole day: Listen carefully to your body. For example, you feel that you want to move the little finger of the right hand, or foot. You make the movement so slowly and smoothly, like in a dream, she wants your little finger. Next there is a desire to move the nose or ears, etc. Follow the complete relaxation, passing in stretching. Naturally, for your sipping you want to yawn, sneeze, and if you do not yawn - up lift the nostrils, followed eyebrows rise, and you will begin to yawn sweet.

After their performance can stand up and make the usual morning procedures (washing and so on. N.). Then move on to breathing exercises (breathing Culture).

Then adjust your vision. When closed eyelids do:

- It moves up and down - three times, left and right - 3;

- A circular motion to the right eye and then the left side - 3 times.

Eye movements done slowly, with moderate stress, avoiding pain. These exercises are good to prodelyvat and day from 5 to 10 times of 5-10 minutes (at work, in transport) in a comfortable condition. They improve vision.

Then proceed to massage the muscles of the head. Massage done with eyes closed, sitting or standing. 3 Put your finger into the recess neck and apply pressure to this point in a circular motion.

Put your hands on top of his head and massage the back and forth with both hands with a slight tension. Fingers palm should move with the skin on for one minute, pinching the neck from the chin to the clavicle, but not pulling the skin (fingers tweaked, released, etc., it is desirable to repeat these exercises throughout the day). Breathe quietly and smoothly. All of these exercises increase blood circulation and stimulates the body's vital functions, improve the cardiovascular system and produce a ventilation airway. You obviously feel relieved and cheerful.