Culture of breathing

Культура дыхания
The most important functions of respiration - gas exchange and thermoregulation. Breathing in the normal state should be soft, smooth, surface, unseen and unheard. Will make it so appropriate breathing exercises. It is advisable to remember that it is important to adjust the breath before eating, physical activity, water treatment, and before going to bed.

At any time we can come to the aid of his own body, without disturbing natural features, but activating its resources. For example, given the nature of wake-up call, "covering" the right (or left) nostril - a measure of the state of heat (or cooling). In this case, we hasten to the aid of nature, helping the body's protective functions: holding a hand into a fist, index finger blade camouflage same nostril (which is more difficult to breathe) and slowly breathe in the nostrils, which is easier to breathe. When you inhale, it is desirable to visualize how through the nasopharynx, head and spine enters the air stream is not very healthy organs, and you have to rinse them like air. And believe me, it really heals, and especially if you do it with your eyes closed. And when you exhale - to think about the retreat of patients with pathology of places in your body and recovery. Interestingly, the energy state of the structures of the brain can be accurately determined by the intensity (lightness) breathing separate right and left nostrils.

Breathing exercises

The proposed exercise - breath control to help the body produce thermal regulation
Performing breathing exercises can be done standing, sitting (lying is permitted for patients). Language is pressed against the roof of the mouth, lips closed, breathing only through the nose. Nose - breathing, mouth - to power. Since ancient times, known expression that mouth breathing - all the same, that there is a nose.

It is useful to raise the tone and the energy state of the body to make a full exhale, slowly lower the trunk of the tree at an angle of 30 ° and make a sharp breath, straightening. Thus, cells enriched with oxygen, which makes it possible to burn excess weight.

Repeat the exercise with both nostrils while breathing if the nostrils breathe evenly and freely make a smooth continuous long breath, as if feeling for a trickle of air on its way through the body, and it is desirable as long exhale.

Also, breathing exercises you can do cross: inhale through the left, exhale through the right, and vice versa, inhale through the right, exhale through the left - until the feeling of cheerfulness, preventing vertigo, but only when both nostrils breathe equally well.

Exercises in the case of difficulty in breathing one nostril: cover finger nostril that breathes harder and do the other nostril slow breath and slowly exhale. Air movement we feel as a slow flowing stream that can not be stopped or interrupted even for a moment - this is a slow and continuous flow. Breathe as long as both nostrils zadyshat evenly. If the air is easier to pass through the left nostril, then breathe through it as we ask, as long as the right not to make breathing easier, and both nostrils zadyshat equally easy. Normal is when both nostrils breathe equally easy or almost the same.

Adjust and calming breath, we can control pauzu- breath holding in a natural semi-exhale. Following the delay, it is desirable to breathe through the nose.

It must be remembered that the factors aggravating the breath include:

- Overeating, malnutrition, overheating in the sun and in the steam room;

- Hypothermia, especially a draft;

- Stuffiness;

- Household chemicals, paints and varnishes, linoleum odors;

- Pesticides, herbicides, pesticides;

- Smoking, alcohol and drugs;

If overeating is an overload on the cardiovascular system, and hence the pressure jumps. When the body begins to suffer malnutrition from lack of an ingredient (potassium, calcium, and so on. P.), All of these factors hamper ventilation and create many other side of the problem.

Normalization of metabolism and respiration, increase the body's resistance contribute to: a reasonable diet, especially vegetarian food, medicinal collection "Vivaton" calcium carbonate; normal physical activity as a manufacturing and consumer; fresh air (outside the city, in the mountains, in the woods, in the desert, especially at night), spiritual peace, certain types of psychotherapy, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, particularly respiratory; moderate hardening; water treatments (steam bath, Russian bath), massage and self-massage of the locomotor system; correct posture; Gymnastics for the eyes, Russian steam bath.