Food culture - the cornerstone of the system "Vivaton."

A person can be healthy, if his body normally takes metabolism.

Modern nutrition: an excess of meat products in the diet, excessive refined carbohydrates (especially products made from white flour and sugar), the use of incompatible foods (eg, proteins and carbohydrates), a lack in the diet of fruits and vegetables, leading to disruption of the acid-base balance in the direction of peroxidation. Oxidants are also alcoholic drinks, coffee, black tea, chocolate, tobacco, and especially vegetables, fruits and berries are not collected at maturity and ripening is the root system, and in the world system is practiced, and active. How do I solve this problem? Very simply, I try to eat vegetables and fruit grown in our regions on our natural land and exotic fruits and vegetables are eaten as a delicacy in the long desire (ohotku).

In order to neutralize the acid, the body is forced to resort to its alkaline reserves - mineral substances (calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc.). A significant decrease in alkaline reserve significantly weakens all organs and systems.

When the iron of hemoglobin is used to neutralize the acid, the person feels tired. If these needs calcium is consumed, there is insomnia, irritability. Due to reduction of alkaline reserve of nervous tissue is disturbed mental activity. Not ruled out the connection between the decline in the alkali reserve and depression.

Removal of the alkaline minerals from the bones inevitably leads to painful fragility and leaching of calcium from the bones, which is one of the main causes of osteoporosis.

It is important to ensure that the reaction of the blood was more alkaline than acidic.

Standing excess acid in the body leads to erosion of tissue. In order to counteract this by reducing the concentration of the acid, removing her from the vital organs, the body retains water, which has a negative effect on the metabolism: the body wears out faster, the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

Now imagine what happens in the cells during peroxidation. The internal environment of each of them normally has an alkaline reaction, which is dependent on an adequate supply of alkaline mineral salts. If washing their blood becomes slightly more acidic, the cells will be forced to sacrifice their own mineral reserves. The internal environment of the cell itself will also become more acidic.

What does it lead?

In the acidic environment of the activity of most enzymes is significantly reduced. As a result, violated intercellular interactions.

In an acidic environment they thrive and reproduce well cancer cells.

Most people are familiar with the symptoms of peroxidation, but tend to underestimate them. First of all, it is fatigue and inelastic muscles, irritability, tension neck and shoulder muscles, arthritis, stomach pain, nausea, gastritis, ulcers, constipation, rapid physical and mental fatigue, bitterness in the mouth, gray fur, flushing , dark circles under the eyes. In fact, when the excess acidity of the internal environment of the body is fighting with her, spending a lot of energy to restore the acid-alkaline balance.

I want to reiterate and note highlighting several causes of acid-base balance:

  • abuse of refined carbohydrates (especially products made from white flour and sugar)
  • an excess of meat products in the diet
  • cooked foods with the use of raw, vinaigrettes, causing instant fermentation in the stomach, etc.
  • the use of yeast baked goods
  • overload the stomach. Especially these violations lead to an unstable person pressure releases the organ of the skin and many other diseases, try to eat less, but more often, and you will soon feel that these diseases after our board will shrink and go away
  • inadequate intake in the diet of unrefined vegetable oils
  • lack in the diet of fruits and vegetables, especially if they have not matured at its root matrix

From above you can see how big the impact of food on our state. Does this mean that we should abandon the usual product? Not at all. It should be a good understanding of what foods oxidize and which alkalify blood, and take care that the blood pH was kept in the normal range. Preference should be given to products that provide an alkaline reserve of blood. First of all, it's almost all raw vegetables and fruits even acid, such as citrus fruits and pineapples. Extremely beneficial effect on acid-base balance of the melon.
We do not offer yet another new diet. The point of our system is that a person does not exhaust itself. We eat almost all foods. Meals should help us to be light, agile, energetic, vitality, youth and, of course, longevity. Despite some limitations, we offer food loses taste: all the dishes are original and tasty, provide excellent opportunities for the imagination and a sense of purity of the starting product.
As practitioners, we have built a physiologically based system of power, a kind of plant construction - the supplier of materials needed to restore damaged cells and maintain their structures in the state standards. It is only necessary to overcome in his mind some stereotypes. And no diets.
Firstly, it is desirable to exclude from the fermentation products, primarily yeast, go to unleavened bread products that have entered into practice in many countries.
Secondly, starch, potatoes and other starchy products to use in limited quantities.
Third, it is best to use the products in its natural form or processed for a couple. Because fruits and vegetables can make a salad, but it's better to use them to maintain the integrity of a long time to chew.
And fourthly, to exclude from the diet of table salt. Some completely eliminate table salt, knowing that all products still it is, but, alas, it is not the salt, and not always in sufficient quantity, so we use sea salt, seaweed, soy sauce occasionally. But remember that the salt - a preservative that preserves the vessels and disrupts the flow of information between cells and organs. Only people exhausted and gaunt in the absence of sea salt can be used as an exception, cookery.
Fifth, it is desirable to eat fish and meat to eat healthy animals: poultry, lamb, eat natural feed without antibiotics. Milk is best goat - it is the most useful and the most harmless. Milk cows home can be used if:

  1. her age is not less than five years;
  2. it fed fragrant hay, feed without antibiotics and juicy fodder plants grown without pesticides, herbicides, etc .;
  3. and, of course, if the animal is regularly checked for mastitis and leukemia, almost every one of you says, because it is almost impossible, as we find out about all this, and the answer is the same: our state should make a decree on the control of dairy products, and as we themselves should take care of itself.

In our time, the problem for society steel and dairy products - a vital product of our diet, especially for children. They are the largest percentage of absorbable calcium and almost all elements of the blood formula. But, unfortunately, most of the milk processing enterprises in our country operates on a low sanitary level. And just so we recommend you use some of our tips on self-improvement of dairy products, such as processed cheese or Varentsov of high quality dried milk. And we need to take in food Cheese varieties, such as the Italian and the like, or bone and muscle tissue, and particularly the cardiovascular system, it will suffer because of calcium deficiency, and we replenish it mainly dairy products.

The main rules of supply "Vivaton":

  • eat only on demand, and in any case under the regime;
  • avoid sensations of hunger;
  • I do not overeat, and the last meal, when there is no excessive satiety;
  • eat at least 1.5-2 hours before bedtime;
  • persons suffering from obesity, complete and fattening having constipation problems, it is recommended to eat vegetarian food, any mess, but more often consisting of 50% buckwheat and 50% of rice with lots of herbs and unrefined oils.

Try to make your table as diverse as possible, not forgetting, however, that the best delicacy is not one that is common to those considered, and the one whose body is lacking. See our book: tables of ingredient composition.

Practical tips for catering

The big problem in the lives of many people - sweets. Very much we love them, especially women and children, and to fight this hard to love. Get rid of the sweet tooth will increase in the diet bitter foods and replacing white sugar and brown sugar fructose. Currently effortlessly you can buy cakes, candies with fructose.

After the meal, do not recommend to drink tea and eat more alkaline foods, as they inhibit the digestive process, but if you really want - you can drink juice.

of the meal is desired for a long time and thoroughly chew food, especially baked goods. And note that the cereal, which we chewed only in childhood, irritating his slow food irrepressible moms and dads who use just right. And we, the children, there were absolutely true. If gastro-intestinal diseases is recommended to chew even liquid food, because chewing movements intensively produce saliva, rich in enzymes and lysozyme (lysozyme causes the death of the bacteria, thus creating an antibacterial barrier in the body). Among the plants the most significant amount of lysozyme contained in turnips, horseradish, radish, cabbage, egg protein, etc.

We recommend eating vegetables, fruits, fresh, pre-dipping them for a few seconds in boiling water to get rid of them covering microorganisms. If fruits and vegetables harvested from their land, grown without sprays, they can be washed simply with warm water. Dangerous vegetables and fruits comprising nitrates and nitrites: they destroy vitamins, enzymes and cause the formation and growth of tumors, the mutation.

Toxic to the human body are the products that give fermentation reaction. Lactobacilli and yeasts are a kind of "Trojan horse" facilitating penetration of pathogens into the cells of the digestive tract and then into the blood and the whole body. Regular consumption of fermented foods leads to chronic mikropatologii, lowering the body's resistance.

Here is what the connection between candida and other fungal diseases and nutrition dermatovenereologists Moscow Scientific Advisory Health Center "Amico" Agnes P. Abrahamyan: "Everything that is cooked with yeast: beer, kvass, various muffins - no place on your desk . Yeast favor the growth of fungal flora. By the way, they may be present in a vitamin complex. Just like in yeast and fungi grow on starch. The greatest number contained in the potato. But this does not mean that with your favorite sauce, too, need to say goodbye. From easy to get rid of starch. Before cooking sliced ​​potato to soak in cold water for 1 hour. Then the potatoes should be removed, and the water clouded by it settled starch, drain. "

Bread is recommended to replace the unleavened that is now available in many supermarkets.

It is desirable to add a pinch of cumin food.

With heaviness in the stomach reduce to a minimum the use of flour and meat products.

Every morning on an empty stomach, eat fresh fruit. This will speed up the secretion of digestive juices, which occurs especially intensively with eight in the morning to twelve days. During this period of time the body has the greatest energy potential to remove excess acid from the cells. In the morning the body in the midst of the work on the removal of toxic products of metabolism and excess fat. Fruits, eaten on an empty stomach, cleanse the digestive tract.