Spiritual Culture

Духовная культура Виватон

Energy needs of the human body can not be satisfied only by food and breathing. The most important source of energy for the human thought process is. And the more concentrated and focused positive human thought, the more is released in the process of thinking of energy and positive emotions.

Intellectual development, actively thinking people feel the need to eat less than the weak-minded, mentally passive, lazy. Positive emotions open channel of microcirculation, and through him relax all structures of the body, the nutrient medium is easier to reach cell bodies, improves metabolic processes that lead to a healthier cells and organs and, in particular brain structures.

What are the characteristics of our "I" give us positive emotions? Sense of teamwork, patience, courage, optimism, respect for each other, and most importantly - respect and patience to the opinion of loved ones. A negative emotions that arise from fear and selfishness, leading to the demise of the body, and insecurity as a result of pathology. Negative emotions produce adrenaline through most paralytic acid - acetoacetic, formic, lactic, and so on. N. And they paralyze the normal functioning of the body. At the same cells, organs and the whole body in general more quickly grows old and dies.

The main objectives of education spiritual culture are as follows:

- Everyone is able to create a positive adjustment of the psyche, to form the positive features of his character, and thus to mobilize the body's defenses
when confronted with evil and injustice without fear or reproach solve issues through love of neighbor, and if that does not work, relying on the laws of God, disperse with the man carrying the evil, and pray to the Lord to take this problem on themselves, that is. a. You are not able to solve it;
- Develop the ability of management thought. This allows you to suppress any negative emotion at the moment of their appearance;
- Train the capacity for abstract thinking, the ability to concentrate the mind, which is important both to enhance positive emotions, and to enhance creativity.
Power supply of the body is increased by the energy released in the process of thinking. Improving the energy balance of the cells is an essential prerequisite for effective prevention and healing the body as a whole. Classes spiritual culture - a repetition of truths about the benefits of positive emotions described above - can be done at any time.
Learn more about what qualities we need to cultivate at home, to enjoy positive emotions.


A necessary condition for recovery of the body - getting rid of the most powerful negative emotion - fear. Fear can be programmed still in an embryonic state, or be the result of education in early childhood, when children are bullied, so they obeyed. Fear and behind it immeasurable faith in the possibility of the divine organism to paralyze all our defenses in proportion of negative emotions

You can adjust the acid-base balance, raise energy cells, but if we do not zaprogrammiruem courage in his mind, the first manifestation of the same fear, like a typhoon would sweep away all our achievements. Along with the fear of developing doubts, apathy, depression and anxiety, which also lead to the pathological state of the organism. Courage helps the person in the most difficult circumstances, she repeatedly multiplies force. "Courage takes" - says the proverb. It helps a person to take the "city" of their own health. Courage - an understanding that God is with us and we with him. And that would be with us no matter what happens, even the most terrible - we only think about how to come to God, that is, to eternal life and the power of the fear of being destroyed.

Case study. In an experimental school during the flu epidemic of our experts, applying the methodology of improvement "Vivaton", built in the minds of students the belief that they are strong and disease - pobedima. And no child flu.


Of course, we are talking mainly about the power of the human soul. To this end, it is desirable to understand and appreciate the spare capacities of the organism. Willpower - is not nothing but a strong mental adjustment. Volitional self-education intensifies all vital processes of the human body and the most mobilizing its protective function in the struggle for recovery.


Courage and self-confidence, understanding that you have not committed the dastardly deed, not made of violence, you do not aspire to paradise on someone else's hump - this is the foundation of peace. All the anxiety and excitement arise only on the basis of our mental infirmity. If you go to a strange hump, know this: you go straight to hell. But not all people feel is right, often not knowing how terrible it is. Only with a calm state of mind, you can put in all the perfect regulatory mechanisms of the human body (hormones, neurotransmitters of the nervous system, etc..) To mobilize its enormous safety reserves.


This quality is a prerequisite for success in any business. Man often already going to the very purpose, retreats, before reaching it, due to a lack of patience. In addition, impatience leads to irritation and negative emotions, and therefore the pathology behind this body. Patience - the most important key to success in recovery, which is preceded by a slow period of regeneration of damaged structures. Impatience does not speed up recovery, but on the contrary, it slows down.


Necessary features to achieve any goal, without it is unthinkable success in the struggle for recovery. His unwillingness and inability to work on the restoration of hard human health to a great extent weakens the body's resistance. It is important to bring the healing process to the end, up to the maximum recovery of cells, tissues and organs, to rejuvenate the body. Perseverance, as all these qualities should be developed with the full connection of consciousness with maximum penetration, trying as much as possible to focus on them the idea artistically live in a new role. It is desirable to formulate thoughts that you want to get in the process of recovery, and then build a figurative painting, try as much as possible to really feel it, and impress upon his mind. Then the result will be. A similar self-hypnosis can be used if you want to stop drinking, smoking and so on. N. Of course, not all at once can easily draw in his mind vivid figurative paintings. In addition, for many, the first time seems to be difficult to feel "their" is not peculiar to them spiritual qualities. But believe me, these problems are only temporary.